Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fused Glass Progress: Almost Perfect

This was a deep mold which can sometimes yield stretched or distorted results. One side was perfect...the other side slumped ever so slightly shorter making the edge not so perfect (see bottom right).

I'm going to give it another fire, picking the one edge of the mold up just a little. Maybe it'll come out with an even lip around the edges or maybe it'll turn out worse.

kiln-fired glass

*to be continued.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Progress; Not Product

There's been a lot of progress lately; lots of ideas that are in the works, but no real finished products. So what the hell, here's some pictures from the studio. 

I'm working a few projects at one time, which tons more ideas to come!

(above: 10" x 10" fused glass bowl..almost) 

Currently it's waiting on a second full fuse because the edge got chipped during the grinding process. Just hoping it doesn't change to much as I'm pretty happy with the product so far. After that it's being slumped in a 10" round mold that has a 1.5" lip around the edge. This is new to me and I'm treating this piece as a test pilot for work to come.

(above: color bar slices)

Cutting up this color bar has been a long time coming. I'm planning to incorporate it into a piece with the circles below. 

Also to the right you can see a cinnabar colored square that I tested out the reaction it had with sunset coral frit. The frit took on a darkened cinnabar color as a result of the chemicals inside each.

(above 3.5" round fish portholes) 

These have undergone several firings, including a full fuse with fiber paper to indent the fish shapes which I then filled with frit. Today I spent some time cutting them up and grinding them into circles. They are awaiting a full fuse with the bubble glass as a top layer.