Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My New Obsession: Fused Glass

I'll spare you the excuses...I've been delinquent when it comes to posting. And while I spend entire 8 hour work days writing blog post after blog post, some of them even preaching about the value a blog has to a business and how the most important aspect is to post frequently because that's what search engine algorithms like and it's what your followers like and it's the only, only way to get more people to follow your blog, I am embarrassed to say I've been guilty of hypocrisy.

I am also, in fact, quite embarrassed of the fact that my website and blog commitment is sub-par at best. The crazy part is..I know better. I have a lot of artwork to share. I've been busy as shit actually; creating tons of things I'm excited about all while neglecting my blogging responsibilities.

So here goes:
Today I pledge to blog regularly, even if it involves automatically scheduling posts in advance (which I find to be tedious). 

This spring I took my first class in fused glass and I'm excited to say I'm sort of obsessed. I have a lot of ideas brewing, and I've spent the past few months experimenting with technique and tools trying to develop some skills. I have learned: 
  • glass is expensive. 
  • cold working (or sanding by hand for detail) is meditative. 
  • sandblasters require a lot of electricity.
  • and..
french vanilla colored glass reacts with pure silver and that particular blue colored glass in very unique ways.

Reactive Sushi Dish
fused glass and silver

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