Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snow Castles

Contemporary Arts Center, Troy, NY
Maybe you've seen my Facebook posts and wonder why I'm sleeping in a bed made of pews?  Or have I told you I'm staying in the church on the hill near Hudson Valley and you have no idea why I would be do that? Maybe this is all news to you, but regardless of how it stands, reader, I'm here to tell you what I'm doing!

I am on a 2 week art residency at the Contemporary Arts Center at Woodside in Troy, NY.  I'm living in that building on the right you see in this first photograph and I'm making art.  I am not taking classes, although I am subjecting my works to a weekly critique, and I am not bound by any constraints or rules, although I did make a proposal to get accepted and would like to stick with the original goals.  It is an uninterrupted time to work on artwork and be inspired by the other artists working around you.  Which as you can see resulted in some monoprinting which I posted about in the previous post.

The grounds are snow crusted and dripping with ice sickles as the weather warms.  It is set back on what is considered "Old Mill Road.", a cobble stone version of it's descendent, Mill Road, which loops up the hill towards the community college.  

exhibition space-Contemporary Arts Center at Woodside, Troy, NY

dorms and studios-Contemporary Arts Center at Woodside, Troy, NY

mailbox!-Contemporary Arts Center at Woodside, Troy, NY

lots and lots of stairs

snowed in castle doors


butt can

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