Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Norman Rockwell Tribute

Driving down 4th Avenue in the middle of a freak snow storm, doing 15 mph through the narrow city streets when I see this to my right.  Of course I had to stop and take some pictures..

After a little research, I decided to do a tribute to Norman Rockwell and paint the scene of today.

The Street Was Never the Same
Rockwell was commissioned by Ford Motor Company in 1952.

Today's view and one of the many photographs I worked from.
Of course it's different but amazing it's not that different after all these years.

( of yet)
12"w x 11"h
watercolor on paper

I tried to capture all the details and ask myself, 
"What would Norman paint?"


  1. Great post and lovely painting. I like the way your painting style has the charm of the flow in the Rockwell painting. He used people. You used paint.
    Its interesting there are doors on the alley ways in Rockwell's painting, but none in present day. I also miss the lamp post. I'd think if the place is important enough for the Rockwell placque, then the lampost would be there as well, even if its just for show.

  2. Thanks Maywyn! I noticed the doors to the alley ways too, but not until after I was done painting it. I kind of like the idea of a big wooden door instead of a's seems like a private garden entrance. :)