Monday, January 6, 2014

Landscape Class 4

Alright I fold!  I cannot look at or draw anymore Christmas things!!
I am moving on and allowing myself to end my proposed series without
finishing.  The decorations are down, the tree is bare and tonight it will be
out of the curb with everyone else's. 

Landscape class started by talking about a style of doodling called "zentangle".  
All the images flow into one another and they are filled in and surrounded
by a very intricate design.  See here for an example:

I imaged a house's sigil intricately drawn and printed on a thick gold belt 
for the king to wear (and I've been reading a lot of Game of Thrones lately..).
Unfortunately I only finished half the belt and didn't add any 
zentangle like doodles in yet. 

Ferret Sigil
ink and pencil

We moved on to making block prints.  I choose the similar savory drawing 
to transfer over.

...and left it half carved to finish next class.

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