Saturday, January 11, 2014

Felting 101

Last night, I mentioned to my co-worker that I had to be up early
this morning because I was taking a felting workshop.
He laughed and said, "If you can make a dinosaur I'll be 

felted wool

It's amazing to me that you can create a seemingly stuffed creature
without stitches or glue!

How does dry felting work?

It starts with wool and a felting needle.  Let's say you want to
make a felted ball.  You take a piece of wool, much larger then you 
want the finished product, wad it up and start pricking
it with the felting needle.  The needle is barbed and agitates the 
wool so that the threads knot and the felt becomes denser.
This pricking allows you to shape the felt in an almost clay-like
way.  Colors can be added and additional felted pieces (ie, wings)
can be attached to another by leaving connecting edges soft and frayed
and pricking them together.  The fibers of the edges knot together and 
bind the two pieces.

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