Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Landscape Painting, Class 4

Monday was busy.

Started painting class with an exercise in water.  
The image for the left was cut into 6 segments
 and passed out to our class of 6.  We each painted it, without 
seeing the original, with water soluble oils on watercolor
paper.  The end result can be seen below.

It's interesting to see everyone's different styles and 
how well they went together.

Finished class by working on the cloudscape I had begun last 
week.  I deemed it finished at the end of the day so that
I can move on to a photograph from Crater Lake next class.

And lastly, some cloud inspiration I saw while running errands
the rest of the day.  Autumn skies in Vermont are very dramatic.
They served as a welcomed distraction from 5:00 pm traffic.

(look at the snow peaked mountain!)

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  1. That's really something extraordinary. It’s like thinking out of the box and producing this kind of excellent stuff in front of everybody. Really very impressive.