Monday, October 7, 2013

Landscape Drawing, Class 1

I struggle with putting aside enough time to work on my art.  My schedule 
is very busy to say the least and I often feel like my artwork suffers
because of it.  It's my passion, what I see myself doing for the rest of
my life and I recently decided I need to do something about the time
management dilemmas I to frequently face.  So I signed up for my first 
art class in 7 years: Landscape Drawing with a focus on water and clouds
taught at the Davis Studio's in Burlington.  Everyone always has something
to teach and something to learn.  Inspiration from the other artists is a bonus
that I sometimes forget about when I work alone in my studio.

Today was the first class and we focused on the basics...layout, perspective
and some general "rules" of landscapes.

Landscape study experimenting with canvas shape.  Deeper shading and detail 
was worked into the one that we found the most successful.

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