Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Landscape Painting, Class 4

Monday was busy.

Started painting class with an exercise in water.  
The image for the left was cut into 6 segments
 and passed out to our class of 6.  We each painted it, without 
seeing the original, with water soluble oils on watercolor
paper.  The end result can be seen below.

It's interesting to see everyone's different styles and 
how well they went together.

Finished class by working on the cloudscape I had begun last 
week.  I deemed it finished at the end of the day so that
I can move on to a photograph from Crater Lake next class.

And lastly, some cloud inspiration I saw while running errands
the rest of the day.  Autumn skies in Vermont are very dramatic.
They served as a welcomed distraction from 5:00 pm traffic.

(look at the snow peaked mountain!)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Landscape Painting, Class 3

Technically the 2nd class for me after I completely forgot about 
class last week...opps!  Lucky for me the people at Davis Studios 
are so accommodating they offered to let me attend an open studio
day to make up for the lost time.  I found this very nice 
considering it was my own fault and for no good reason that
I missed last week.

We began by learning some new techniques for tackling waves
and water.  Although I'm not sure my wave was a success I 
am happy with the "how to" knowledge I gained.  We 
worked in pastels and focused on darks, lights and shading.

While the rest of the class went back to their small study 
of clouds I began mine.  I decided to work from the picture I 
started with in the first class.  We continued working in water
soluble oil paint but switched to a small canvas.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A website...FINALLY!!

How long does it take to build a website?

4+ hours of website content creation, 
2 months of procrastination on troubleshooting,
15 minutes of troubleshooting, 
1 click to publish and..

It's live!!

Check it out...bookmark it...and keep your eyes
peeled for my new artist Facebook page coming soon!

(jaclynbishop.com was not for sale at this time
but I'm stalking it and as soon as the domain 
owner decides to stop making monthly 
payments I'll be the proud owner of not 1 but
2 domain names....both pointing to the same
page of course).

Monday, October 7, 2013

Landscape Drawing, Class 1

I struggle with putting aside enough time to work on my art.  My schedule 
is very busy to say the least and I often feel like my artwork suffers
because of it.  It's my passion, what I see myself doing for the rest of
my life and I recently decided I need to do something about the time
management dilemmas I to frequently face.  So I signed up for my first 
art class in 7 years: Landscape Drawing with a focus on water and clouds
taught at the Davis Studio's in Burlington.  Everyone always has something
to teach and something to learn.  Inspiration from the other artists is a bonus
that I sometimes forget about when I work alone in my studio.

Today was the first class and we focused on the basics...layout, perspective
and some general "rules" of landscapes.

Landscape study experimenting with canvas shape.  Deeper shading and detail 
was worked into the one that we found the most successful.