Monday, May 27, 2013

Studio Center Residency Artwork: The Patagonia Series

An artist friend, who introduced me to Vermont Studio Center,
provided me with this advice when I told her I had been accepted to
Vermont Artist Week, a week long residency for working Vermont
artists and writers, "Have a plan."  Even though the studio center
places no pressure on the artists to create...during a welcome speech
 the first night the president said, "if you want to spend the week
fishing, fish!"...I put the needed pressure on myself to focus and paint
during every available moment.  My painting was broken up with scheduled
meals, yoga and an impromptu hair cut.  With my carefully planned
out subject matter, the needed tools and a lofty goal I was able to 
create 13 watercolor paintings (some containing ink) inspired by several,
mostly badly taken, photographs from my recent adventure in the 
Patagonia region of Argentina and Chile.  My goal was 15, which seemed 
unrealistic when I arrived that Monday.  In the end I was proud to tack up 
13 new pieces of artwork for the open studio day...
13 pieces that for the most part I am genuinely pleased with.

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