Friday, April 12, 2013

Free Art Friday!

The concept is such that an artist creates a piece of work,
leaves it somewhere random, where ever they see fit, and 
hopes an unsuspecting, lucky someone stumbles upon it.
How awesome!!

I first heard about this yesterday when someone dropped 
of "free art" at Vintage Inspired Antiques in Burlington.
I did a little research and found out there's cities all over the
globe that have groups of rouge artists who do this every week.
To name a few:

In addition to these Facebook groups there are tons of sub-groups
for particular cities.  I cannot believe this doesn't already 
happen in Burlington all the time!

So inspired by what I found, I decided I had to be apart.
In honor of the idea of free art on Fridays I 
packaged up a small illustration with my business card
(in hopes I might hear it was found) and slipped it onto a
card rack at a downtown Burlington book store.  
I had so much fun doing this I have vowed to make every Friday a

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