Monday, February 18, 2013

Monster Progress...IN COLOR!

Covered the rest of the body in white paper mache.

Sculpted detail to the hands and eyes with paper mache and clay sculpting tools.

Attached parts of a paper towel roll with paper mache to serve as legs.

Lesson #1...if it seems like it might be hard to fit your hand or a paintbrush 
in somewhere then it probably will be.  Should have painted the mouth before 
adding these fangs but I made due with spray paint and a rough "painterly" finish.

Added light blue gums and metallic lips.  The metallic turned out to be more watery 
then I anticipated so it looks like a second coat will be necessary to clean up 
the look.  However the drips have inspired me to come up with some new ideas.

Cardboard cut-out feet serve as a skeleton for the paper mache.  Paper clips
were attached to the bottoms with masking shape to give them shape.

Paper mache was added to shape the bottoms of the feet.

Painted the belly and hands blue (with silver finger nails!).  Attached the hands back on
with paper mache.

Taking lessons from before, I painted the eyes first before attaching them.

Glitter spray paint combined with the light blue add more color.

Any ideas what kind of monster this will be?
Just waiting for paint to dry to continue...

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