Friday, July 15, 2011

Page 1, Florida Vacation

This past March I took a fantastic 2-week trip that started in South Beach,
included the Florida Keys and ended in the Everglades.  My longest 
amount of time off in years; it was just long enough to relax and forget 
what day of the week it was.  I went with minimal reservations and 
a tentative idea of what I wanted to do. 

I left Burlington, VT after a huge snowstorm that shut down 90% of the city
and forced people to cross-country ski to the bar.  It was a chore getting
a taxi to the airport in the morning and the car would have taken hours to 
shovel out.  I was starting to doubt 80 degrees and sunny even existed, 
until I stepped off the plane in Miami Beach, FL.


Inspired by the hundreds of photographs that came out of this
picturesque vacation, I decided to create a comic book/graphic novel
to serve as a rough travel guide for tourists to come. 
This is Page 1.

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